Surgent Reviews

Jobs related to accounting and finance are also experiencing changes due to technological developments.

Surgent Reviews
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Thus, employees need to continue learning to have skills that can support the company’s development. Skill development in finance and accounting can be done with Surgent.

Surgent has long experience in the field of finance and accounting development. Therefore, all candidates will be appropriately trained to pass career-related exams.

There are many topics that consumers can choose based on their needs. However, Surgent also guarantees that when students study seriously and study the material from Surgent, they have equipped themselves with more material than people who do not join Surgent.

The whole staff of instructors at Surgent is highly qualified so that they can teach the students well. As a result, students may relieve because they get the best education from the experts. 

This course company may not feature in the press. But it receives a Bronze Stevie Award Winner in American Business Award 2022. Also, it has more than 8K followers on Facebook.

If you want to know more about the course, keep reading this Surgent review to the end. Now, let’s read the reasons to trust this company to develop your skill! 

Why Surgent?

Surgent is teaching not only students or individuals but also firms, corporations, faculty, switchers, and associations. Nowadays, this organization teaches at 300 colleges and universities engaged in business.

Then, we have business partnerships so the staff can develop their skills. Every student in our class will get intensive training.

The alums have a higher pass rate than students who don’t participate in the brand’s training. However, the whole class will get skill-specific learning (such as income tax school, etc.), exam review (such as CPA, CMA, SIE, CIA, and so on), and CPE packages/CE courses.

The instructors will explain the courses through interactive learning. You can also learn about the credits online. As a result, the course explanation is enjoyable, and students may immediately understand the material in no time. 

What's on Surgent

You ask about what’s in Surgent. First, this review is going to tell you that Surgent has products. The products include exam review, continuing education, surging IQ, income tax school, and pass guarantee.

What's on Surgent
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The details for each product will be explained below.

  • Exam Review

The instructors will teach the students about credits. After several classes, students will take the exam at the end of the course.

The exam includes CPA, EA, CMA, CIA, CISA, and SIE simulations. The next day, the instructors will explain the answers and details about the exam simulation.

  • Continuing Education

Surgent always provides many courses so that you can choose based on your needs. There are 3 kinds of course catalogs, such as Unlimited Plus, Unlimited Webinars, and Unlimited Self-Study.

Every course has different prices and facilities. Therefore, students need to understand all the details on the website.

  • Surgent IQ

Students and employees may not acquire certain skills from colleagues. They have to learn apart from webinars, courses, and so on. In addition, Surgent IQ exists to develop their skills so that skills can contribute to the business.

All material presented at Surgent IQ is always up-to-date. Students and employees can really develop their skills and compete globally.

  • Income Tax School

Surgent can help students learn about TAC School. The preparation can enhance their knowledge and skills so that they can achieve a better career in the future. Also, the instructors can teach specific courses about tax preparers.

  • Pass Guarantee

Surgent guarantees full tuition refunds to students who meet certain requirements if they fail the real exam. However, they have to send the score report for the exam within 10 days after the score is released.

Discussing all of the abovementioned courses may be fun, but this Surgent review will only focus on these three:

Then, are you ready to get to know more about them? Let’s get started! 

Surgent CPA Review

The CPA (Certified Public Accountants) exam is a test that an accountant needs to take as a requirement to meet educational standards and experience related to accounting. The minimum score for the CPA is 75 in each section.

Surgent CPA Review
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If someone gets a score below 75, then he cannot be said to have passed the CPA exam. It is not easy to pass the test, so many students take additional courses besides those of their colleagues. This test applies in the United States.

There are a lot of students who get their CPA preparation done long before the exam date. They learn about the exam from the CPA exam that was released in previous years. While the total number of sections in the CPA exam is four, the assessment process for the CPA exam will last 16 hours.

If you join Surgent, you can get the latest materials for CPA preparation. Instructors can teach you with good methods so you quickly understand the direction of a question on the CPA exam. Hence, let’s enroll with the qualified teacher by clicking the link below immediately!

Surgent CMA Review

The CMA (Certified Management Accountants) exam is a test to get certification as a management accountant. People who obtain these certificates tend to have competitive and career-supporting skills.

Surgent CMA Review
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The CMA itself was released to gain skill recognition in more than 150 countries. Certificate holders can improve the performance of the finance and accounting divisions.

Surgent offers a higher pass rate for the CMA exam, up to 95%. Then, visit the link below and start learning CMA with experts now! 

Surgent EA Review

Students should take courses to prepare for the EA (Enrolled Agent) exam at Surgent. The instructors boost the study time up to 40%. The students can pass the exam easier.

Surgent EA Review
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The pass rate of the EA exam for Surgent students is 99%. Therefore, we can infer that only 1% of students fail the test. If you’re interested, click the link below now and join the course! 

How Does Surgent Work?

Students will learn the accounting and finance courses online. The instructors will equip students with knowledge about exams as well. That’s why they can pass the test easier.

In addition, the knowledge given is not just memorizing answers but rather understanding the concept of a problem. Therefore, students may dig deeper and understand the material effectively.

Surgent Pricing

After understanding how this company helps you to pass financial tests, you must have an eye on joining the course. However, do you know how much the price is to join it?

Here are the price classifications: 

Test  Essential Ultimate Premium
CPA Login $999 $1599 $1999
CME Login $699 $799 $1299
EA Login $499 $699 $999

Other tests and courses have different prices to enroll in. So if you want to join, click the link below and sign up now! 

Surgent Pros and Cons

We will also explain the pros and cons of Surgent. If you’re curious, find the good and bad sides of the brand here! 


  • The advantage is that students can select from a wide range of courses
  • Each class has a different price and curriculum
  • The instructors have high-quality skills and updates on accounting and finance knowledge
  • The brand provides a free trial and demo for newcomers 


  • Unfortunately, you should learn by yourself outside of class, too, so that the pass rate increases

Is Surgent Worth It?

Students who want to join tax and accounting courses should not choose the organization randomly. But if you decide on Surgent, it is the best recommendation and worth signing up for. 

Is Surgent Worth It?
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This company allows you to join the course, which talented tutors accompany. Moreover, the success rate is high, meaning that former students successfully developed their skills. 

You can join a free trial to ensure the course’s quality. Then, if you want to attend it, click the link below and sign up now! 

Is Surgent Legit?

Being cautious before joining an online course is a must. But, Surgent relieves your worry because it is legit and worth trusting

This company ensures you get the best service with a secure SSL website. Moreover, you can immediately contact customer service if unsure about the terms and conditions. 

The website writes you the information you need, from the courses, and contact, to address. So, let’s not waste time but visit the official website to develop your skill! 

Where to Join Surgent

When you reach this section, you’ve read the CPA review login but may be confused about where to join the course. You can visit the official website because it will lead you to the certification you need. 

If you’re unsure about joining, you can get a free trial and watch a demo. Then, do not forget to check social media for limited deals and promo codes. Once you know your decision, let’s immediately book a place to join the test you want to conquer now! 

How to Contact Surgent

Students who want to know more about the terms and conditions concerning CPE login or other courses may contact customer service via these methods:

The team will reply to your question for at least 24 hours. But if you need to meet the team immediately, don’t hesitate to visit the headquarter below. 

Surgent Headquarter
201 N. King of Prussia Road, 
Suite 370, Radnor, 
PA 19087


Dig deeper on Surgent

You may have many questions about this company. So here are several answers to your curiosity. 

Who owns Surgent?

John M is the owner of this tax and accounting course company. 

What is the order of the CPA exams at Surgent?

You have sufficient insights about the exam review. But it is recommended to order the CPA from FAR (Financial Accounting and Reporting), AUD (Auditing and Attestation), REG (Regulation), to BEC (Business Environment and Concepts). 


If you have problems learning accounting and finance skills or knowledge, you can join Surgent. There are many instructors at Surgent who can help students learn about accounting and finance faster.

However, Surgent can enhance your skills and knowledge beyond your colleagues. Sometimes you are not learning specific skills or knowledge from colleagues. So, let’s book a class and conquer the test now! 

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