Exam Edge Reviews

Exam Edge is leading in the online test preparation course. In addition, the brand works closely with institutional partners, offering a wide array of practice tests that will help you prepare as much as possible to pass certification exams.

Exam Edge Reviews
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Founded in 2012, it has achieved 2.7M+ users, 5M+ tests taken, and 100K+ unique tests. So no matter how niche your interest is, this institute will help you prepare for exam day excellently.

Participants need not worry about registering with this brand since they are fully accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and have many satisfied customers who have successfully passed their certification exams with the help of the brand’s exam preparation materials.

Here, you will receive a certificate of completion when you complete the practical exam. Likewise, you will receive a certificate of completion, which you can share with fewer coworkers and potential employers.

With 17 years of experience as an online practice institute, it has been recognized and is among the TOP 10 best to prepare for the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) test in 2021. They even gained 4.3K followers on Facebook.

In their profile, the institute takes great pride in their practice tests and ability to help you pass the certification exam. So, do you want to do well in the exam? Then stay tuned to this Exam Edge review because we’ll break it down for you!

Why Exam Edge?

Exam Edge is a test preparation platform specifically designed to help students be more confident in facing their certification exam.

They provide specific strategies, tips, and tricks for making the questions correctly and precisely. Thus, be able to get high scores following students’ expectations and targets.

Several reasons why you should take Exam Edge for the benefit of your career in various industries:

  • Cooperate with various industries for prospective workers like you to get certified more effectively and efficiently.
  • Committed to providing the best quality learning experience for different industries.
  • Highly supportive learning environment by providing the best test questions from various industries to ensure your persistence will result in a high-level score.

What’s on Exam Edge

Basically, certification is useful as proof that someone has certain skills. With this certificate, job seekers will have high competitiveness, employees will receive appropriate salaries and promotions, and recruiters can screen prospective employees easily.

Therefore, Exam Edge provides a practical and efficient solution for those who have to follow standard exams required for their industry. Also, helping those to pass the real exam easily and to learn at their own pace.

Since 2006, this institution has helped people from 154 different countries pass their certification exams in 20 different industries, with more than 100k different exams.

Exam Edge Highlights

  • Students will have access to training materials 24 hours a day and have access to various collections of sample questions.
  • To get used to the form of the exam.
  • To reduce anxiety and stress before and during the exam.
  • Group practice sessions are available for schools, institutions, and organizations.
  • Open to students and non-students who wish to obtain a professional certificate in their field.

Feel free to visit their website and enroll today with discount offers. It’s claimed a 100% guarantee of passing the exams.

Exam Edge Tests By Industry Review

As proof of your capability for your expertise, you must be passionate about maximizing your own skills and competencies.

Exam Edge Tests By Industry Review
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At the same time, be proud to demonstrate and apply them in the real world. You can take practice tests to get certified before taking the actual test with Exam Edge tests by industry.

What is this all about? Exam Edge provides practice tests for various industries. Professional industries include here are business, education, healthcare, and also world-based international exams.

The purpose of these practice tests is to make it easier for the public to study the certification materials they want.

Thus, with an online learning method, they can study anytime and anywhere with an affordable investment, and valuable resources are being shared.

The following are from various industries whose practice tests are provided by Exam Edge that meet your skill requirements:

  • Business— addressed to those who are skillful in human resources, project management, or payrolls to earn their certification in specific exam areas, such as SHRM, APA, FINRA, ServSafe, etc.
  • Education— this is for those of you who want to be certified as qualified teachers and educators. You must earn certification exams for TExES, Praxis, CLAST, KAPLAN, etc.
  • Healthcare— most workers in the healthcare industry are required to have special training and certification to pass the following exams, including ANCC, PCAT, DAT, etc.
  • World— this is addressed to professionals from various countries to help them prepare for specific international certification exams, such as Australian Dental Council (ADC), Canadian Nursing Certification, Civil Service, etc.

Now you know it includes a variety of test prep in many industries, choose your practice tests today. The course materials are guaranteed to be updated and based on real certification exams. It’s affordable and worth paying.

How Does Exam Edge Work?

In terms of how it works, Exam Edge has standardized practice questions for all industries they work with.

First, determine your industry and browse the exam that you will take as your skill requirements. There’s no special software needed because all the practice questions are online. For that reason, you also don’t have to wait for the questions to be sent by mail.

Second, you only need to prepare the devices that you will use during your study session. So, whenever and wherever you are, all questions are available online.

Third, you’ll have access to your prep tests 24/7. You can either set it to timed or without a time limit mode. Plus, there’ll be reviews and explanations of all the questions for you to take notes.

Last but not least, it’s a low-cost solution to the real exam. You can also take it in bundles to make it easier for you to study. So, start sooner and take advantage of Exam Edge’s practice tests.

Exam Edge Pricing

Course fees on this brand are standard across all exams. The price is based on the subject/certification you are considering purchasing.

For example, if you want to perform “Investment Companies and Variable Contracts (Series 6)“, there are three options available:

  • 10 practice tests for $96.50
  • 5 practice tests for $56.75
  • 1 practice test for $21.95

However, on some occasions, you may find 15 practice tests available at the rate of $131.25 only. Likewise, you can purchase more extensive bundles cheaper per test if you want a lot of practice. Remember to claim your 10% OFF with discount code March10.

Exam Edge Pros & Cons

Nevertheless, this Exam Edge review is incomplete without knowing its pros and cons. Besides the advantages of a promising practice test platform, there are also its disadvantages.

Exam Edge Pros

  • Practice tests for all 20 industries are based on real exams.
  • A certificate is given after completion.
  • Exams can be paused and may be continued at all times.
  • Access to exam reviews is unlimited.

Exam Edge Cons

  • Even though receiving certificates after completing the exams are a good bonus, they’re not widely recognized by other test agencies.
  • No refund or financial guarantee.

Exam Edge Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

Going strong, this institution gets rave reviews on its official website. In addition, they are also very transparent in informing you about customer feedback on their official website. Well, to let you know what customers are saying about this brand, below are some of them.

Exam Edge Customer Reviews
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Building on the first customer feedback, this participant said the institute helped him pass after failing math exam 4x. She said:

“I can’t thank you enough! Unfortunately, I’ve failed my math certification exam four times! But after studying for your practice tests, I passed the exam by 10 points!….

Later, a participant gave feedback on the institute’s methods. This customer gave a perfect rating because this institute has a test room-like concept. Here is his review:

“My favorite thing about ExamEdge’s online practice test is that they mimicked the actual exam. So I walked into the exam feeling confident I knew the material and walked out knowing my time studying with Exam Edge was well worth the effort.”

This is one of the positive feedback from a customer. He doesn’t even hesitate to recommend this brand. He wrote:

“Examedge.com is my go-to source for preparing for my certification exams. I’ve used their practice tests to pass my NCLEX and ANCC FNP. The practice test was right on target. I would recommend them to everyone. Thank you so much.”

From some customer feedback, most customers are satisfied and proud of the institute’s methods and modules. Most of them were also able to overcome multiple failures in the exam thanks to this institute. Therefore, we are confident to recommend this brand to you!

Is Exam Edge Worth It?

Yes, Exam Edge is definitely worth your time and money. They are fully accredited by the BBB (Better Business Bureau). To take the practice test offered, you can take it in bundles to make it more economical.

Is Exam Edge Worth It?
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Besides that, the choice of this platform is used by many people because many have proven successful in their real exams.

Is Exam Edge Legit?

Exam Edge is absolutely legit. All their materials and websites are fully copyrighted and licensed to Exam Edge, LLC., and all rights are reserved.

Exam Edge Customer Service

The brand has a customer service team that is ready to help you with any queries you may have. You can fill out the form on the contact page on the official website to reach them. In addition, below are also other ways to get support:

Company Information
Exam Edge, LLC
PO Box 358
Wagontown, PA 19376

Exam Edge Promos & Discount Codes

You’re super lucky to get into this section because we will tell you about the promos that the brand is heading in. You can get 10% OFF today’s order with promo code ‘March10‘.

You also need to open an ExamEdge account because they’ll offer you the following:

  • Over 2,000 Exam Subjects
  • Access to your exams 24/7
  • Unlimited Test Access

What are you waiting for? Sign up now and get the benefits of becoming part of ExamEdge!


In short, this Exam Edge review summarizes how helpful certification practice tests could be. It’s intended to make your life easier. It’s hassle-free. You can do it in your own space and pace.

Hence, it is designed for so many industries and even international certification standards. So, don’t wait any longer. Start practicing your type of exam for your own skill certification.

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