Blockchain Council Review

What is the Blockchain Council?

The Blockchain Council, or Texas Blockchain Council, is a platform that contains a group of subject-matter experts and blockchain enthusiasts.

Blockchain Council Review
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The brand itself is a very well-known platform among blockchain enthusiasts. This company has also been trusted by teams and students in various fields. The experts here have also been differentiated.

Blockchain focuses on teaching crypto-like types, the metaverse, Web 3, and artificial intelligence. The classes provided today are online classes. There are already many people who have participated in this training.

With the advancement of increasingly advanced technology in the field of blockchain, the brand wants to create an environment of awareness among businesses, companies, developers, and the public.

You can also take part in seminars that are often held by the Blockchain Council. As you can see on their social media, this brand has gained 3.5k+ followers on Instagram and 4.6k+ on YouTube.

To make you more confident in this product, we will explain some of the features in the Blockchain Council review, such as type of training, price, time, and so on. Keep on reading!

Why Blockchain Council?

There are already thousands of alumni who claim to be satisfied with their experience at this institution. By attending this training, you can gain useful knowledge.

You can also boost your career with the blockchain certificates you get. The Blockchain Board has several categories of training.

The hours offered are also very flexible; you can choose one of the times offered. Training is also conducted online. So, you can take part in training anywhere.

Blockchain Council Highlights

  • Learn and qualify – you will be taught in a professional way and by an easy method.
  • Develop and build – you can easily develop your career if you have the skills.
  • Lead and grow – you will be taught leadership thinking to create a big impact.
  • Improve and gain – after completing the training, you will gain new skills.

What's On Blockchain Council?

There are many advantages that you can get from the Blockchain Council. You can get a certified certificate upon completion of your training.

You will also be taught directly by a certified blockchain expert. Likewise, you can get lifetime access to over 25 courses on the blockchain. The company only offers online classes for now.

Types of training:

  • Live training
  • Online Degree
  • Membership
  • And much more

Benefits that you will get:

  • Get a job easily.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of blockchain.
  • Know how to implement blockchain on business applications.
  • Understand its use cases. 5. Lifetime access to training videos.
  • The name of the certified individual will be published on the website.
  • Provision of assistance during the training program.

You can take one of the training listed above and get the benefits that the company provides.

Blockchain Council Unlimited Learning Subscription Review

This unlimited learning subscription offers to learn about technology development that includes Metaverse, NFT, Crypto, and Web3.

Blockchain Council Unlimited Learning Subscription Review
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There are hundreds of hours of learning materials that the company provides. Unlimited subscription packages have 2 types, namely functional and developer.

What distinguishes the 2 types of packages is that developers have access to all the course content, while functional ones access more than 25 functional-specific content.


  • Make it easier for you to improve your career
  • Great discounts
  • Get access to more than 25 courses
  • 100+ hours of learning
  • Certification free

For the price of a functional-unlimited learning subscription is priced at $349/year. For unlimited learning subscriptions, the developer charges $349 per year.

As for the unlimited learning subscription, it is priced at $699/year. For the price of $699, you can get course access to functional and developmental programming.

Blockchain Council Live Training Review

Live Training has seven types of training offered for individuals. This training is intended for any individual who wants to learn or wants to deepen his skills.

Blockchain Council Live Training Review
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You’ll gain a deep understanding, community-building expertise, and a deep knowledge of blockchain. After training, it will take 6–15 hours.

For the training date, the company has set the date. Training is conducted online. The company will also provide modules that you can access forever.

Types of live training:

  • Develop interactive, hands-on training
  • Interactive, hands-on training of artificial intelligence experts
  • Expert interactive, hands-on training
  • Architect interactive, hands-on training
  • Metaverse interactive live training
  • Interactive live training of traders
  • Web3 community expert interactive live training

What you get from this training:

  • Useful science
  • Blockchain Board Certificate
  • Lifetime access to course content
  • 24*7 support for all your queries

The price of the training offered ranges from $249 to $399.

Blockchain Council Learning Path Review

Learning Path

Learning Path is a passage devoted to people who are new to Web3. Here you will be guided to master the basics of Web3 first before moving on to the next stage.

Blockchain Council Learning Path Review
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Then proceed with mastering development, then mastering the web3 business, developing blockchain for companies, mastering the development of NFTs, and finally mastering the metaverse.

There are several jobs that you can apply for after taking this training. For example, blockchain analysts, blockchain consultants, blockchain product NFT specialists, and many more.


  • Master the basics of Web3
  • Master blockchain development
  • Master Web3 business
  • Develop blockchain for enterprises
  • Master NFT development
  • Master the Metaverse

Learning Path offers plan prices ranging from $428 to $1,295. To get a discount, you can join the super server deal.

How Does Blockchain Council Work?

Blockchain works with decentralized or party-controlled systems. Blockchain works when any information or data comes in; then hashes and cryptography will appear.

To register for training on Blockchain, you need to create an account and login in first. Then you can choose the training you want to take. After that, select the date for training.

And finally, you can pay the amount of the training price. The duration of training is 6–15 hours, depending on what training you want to take.

Blockchain Council Pricing

Blockchain offers a competitive training price. Starting from the usual price to the package price.

  • Starting at $249$399 for live training,
  • For plan pricing from $428$1,295 for Learning Path
  • For Unlimited Learning Subscription from $349$699.

To get another low price, you can use the coupon code: COUNCIL30. You can get a 30% discount on two or more certifications.

If you only purchased one certification, you can use the code: LEARN20. And you will get 20% off if you enter the coupon code. You can also get a 10% discount on unlimited individual subscriptions.

Blockchain Council Pros and Cons

After reading about the brand’s profile and its service, it’s couldn’t be complete if we not provide the other information about the brand. Thus, below are the pros and cons of the brand:

Blockchain Council Pros

  • Have high data quality
  • Have a lot of discounts offered
  • Have many training options been offered
  • Learning can be done anywhere (online)

Blockchain Council Cons

  • There are only online classes

Is Blockchain Council Legit?

The Blockchain Council is a legitimate, authoritative group of experts. It is very commensurate with the company. Many people have tried this training and recognized the legitimacy of this company.

Is Blockchain Council Worth It?

Yes, Blockchain Council is well worth it to try. Many pieces of training and packages are offered regarding cryptography, web3, and metaverse lessons. This has been proven by tens of thousands of alumni who have tried from 160+ countries registered. 

Blockchain Council Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

The section above has displayed all the information about this institution, which seems too good to be true. So we further browsed through the customer feedback on the Trustpilot website to give you an idea of the customer feedback on this brand.

One of the participants said this agency is incredible. He gave a perfect rating and said:

The course was detailed, easy to follow, and helpful in learning about Web3, NFT, etc. I feel no more stressed about learning about them. I would recommend it to friends!

Again, we found participants who were very satisfied with this institute’s learning. This happy participant said this brand has interactive classes with instructors with practical experience in emerging technologies. Here’s her complete review:

I enjoyed the interactivity and practicality of the course. The instructor was very knowledgeable, answered questions, led conversations, and showed us how to mint NFTs, deploy smart contracts, and connect a wallet to certain platforms rather than reading the course material…

As we said above, this institution has several expert instructors. For this reason, this customer left a comment:

The instructors were extremely helpful and detailed! The courses are detailed and assist with real-world scenarios in the cryptocurrency world!

After going deeper into the customer testimonials on Trustpilot, we can conclude that most participants agree that it is one of the organizations that provide structured and well-organized training on the blockchain. Hence, we agree with them to recommend this brand to you.

Blockchain Council Customer Service

If you have anything you want to ask about training, you can contact the service customer via:

Blockchain Council, 340 S Lemon Ave #1147 Walnut, CA 91789

Where To Buy Blockchain Council

For purchases, you can directly visit the official website of the or the official store.


Explore profoundly on Blockchain Council Review

Below you’ll find answers to the most commonly asked questions you may have on Blockchain Council review.

What does Blockchain Council do?

Blockchain aims to grow an ecosystem for businesses, enterprises, developers, and the general public by spreading knowledge related to blockchain. The company also tries to improve the quality of its human resources in order to compete in the world of work. Blockchain is committed to expanding the use of blockchain worldwide.

Who owns Blockchain Council?

The founder of the Blockchain Council is Toshendra Sharma. Toshendra Sharma was born in Gurgaon, India. He was named to Forbes’ list of 30 under 30 in 2018. He has also written a book on AVR.

Is Blockchain Council recognized?

Yes. Blockchain is recognized as a global leader in blockchain education and research. Many have participated in the training committee here and officially obtained the Blockchain Academy certification.


From the reviews that have been submitted above, Blockchain Council can be your choice for trade or business training. Many lucrative advantages are offered by the company. Among them, there are many discounts offered. The certificate obtained can also be used for good. Very systematic online learning.

The company also offers a basic plan for people who are new to blockchain knowledge. So you don’t need to worry because, 24 hours a day, every question you ask will be answered directly. Without waiting long, let’s try your training now!

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