Project Management Academy Review

This course provides project management material that is in accordance with standards so as to enable all alumni to be able to obtain good career paths.

Project Management Academy Review
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The Project Management Academy has more than 100,000 career-advanced alumni. The large number of alumni shows that the material presented in the course is appropriate.

We may remind you that every student should review the test material at home. We will tell you that the academy is quite popular for training employees from various companies. The number of companies that have collaborated is more than 100.

This academy has expert instructors who are updating the material based on project management standards.

You can take the course online too. The Project Management Academy teaches the course online more than 100 times a month. Not the number of students studying with the Project Management Academy.

Why the Project Management Academy?

There are many PMP exam courses. Why do I have to choose the Project Management Academy? Answering the question requires that you understand the quality of this course first.

This course has been able to prove its existence for more than 20 years. They have +65 techies in the PMP exam. The whole instructor team updates their knowledge and materials so that they can pass the project management test.

Candidates can choose the training based on their needs. There are more than eight options for project management training. Each option contains different course material.

However, you should know the quality of the courses. We don’t recommend you join cheaper courses because the quality of the material may not be good. You are better off not sacrificing your courses because they are directly related to your career.

What's on Project Management Academy

The academy also provides many options for the courses, such as Basic, Advanced, and Premium. The most favorite of the classes are Advanced.

What's on Project Management Academy
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The Advanced course includes the whole standard of the Basic course plus an extra day, a 1-year subscription, and so on.

Candidates pay a little bit more than in Basic. Those courses can be taken to train employees of a company. Companies that often become our clients are Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Comcast, the Department of Defense, and Mercedes-Benz.

You must be familiar with all those big companies. A consultant from a large company has proven that the quality provided by Project Management Academy is no joke. However, good project management will be able to manage the company optimally so that it can become more productive.

Project Management Academy PMP Certification Review

You may ask in detail about the PMP Certification course from the Project Management Academy. First, we will explain the PMP certification.

Project Management Academy PMP Certification Review
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PMI developed the certification to determine whether project managers have the necessary skills to become project managers.

There are many requirements that managers must complete in order to pass the PMP exam. Someone who passes the exam and holds the certification has the opportunity to be successful in a career as a manager.

Certificate holders also tend to earn more than project managers who do not hold certificates. Based on the PMI website, the salary of PMP certificate holders is 16% higher than that of project managers who don’t hold the certification.

Project Management Academy Agile Certification Review

You can also get the Agile certification at the Project Management Academy. Agile training can improve team performance and project development.

Project Management Academy Agile Certification Review
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The project manager should understand how to coach the team. The right way to coach teams can enhance their performance so that all employees are able to unite to meet the company’s targets. The company’s own targets are known to be difficult to achieve.

How Does the Project Management Academy Work?

You can take the course online or in person. Even students will get special virtual boot camps. After several days of the course taking place, students will be given an exam similar to the PMP.

Based on the results of the simulation test, students can determine their abilities.

Then what about students who don’t pass the PMP exam? Project Management Academy set a record by having 99.99% of students pass the PMP exam.

Without hesitation, this course has the courage to give a stamp if it dares to give 100% money back when a student fails.

Project Management Academy: Pros and Cons

Students need to understand well the options needed. There are at least three types of classes that you can choose from.

The Basic class offers the most standard quality to pass the PMP exam, but the price is the most affordable.

Unfortunately, students need to pay more when they want to take advanced and premium classes. But the good news is that the higher the class you choose and the more you study, the greater the percentage of passing the PMP.

Is Project Management Academy Worth It?

As of writing this review, we cross-checked their website and found out that they have so many happy customers giving positive feedback. Most of them are satisfied with the service, the exam preparation, and the professional instructors.

Is Project Management Academy Worth It?
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Their expert instructors give a good test preparation course that makes the students successful with their certification. More so, they’re so knowledgeable that they can answer any questions from their students.

By this, we can consider that the brand is really worth it for you! No more explanation is needed. You can navigate to their official website to check it yourself.

Is Project Management Academy Legit?

The Project Management Academy is a legit institution. The institution has existed for more than 20 years and has taught the PMP exam.

No wonder the number of alumni is more than 100,000. The Project Management Academy has also been accredited by Trustpilot with a score of 4.5 out of a maximum of 5.

Project Management Academy vs. Project Management Institute

The Project Management Institute is a large organization. The total number of members from all over the world is almost 700,000.

As a result, PMI created a product in the form of the PMP exam. Project managers are advised to take the PMP exam so that they are more trusted by companies and partners.

You can pass the PMP exam when you prepare well. One of the institutions that can help is the Project Management Academy.

Project Management Academy Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

Only have one thing to say about this brand. We highly recommend it! But, of course, as smart customer, we don’t want to join without seeing what the customers have to say about the brand. So in this section, let’s get to know some testimonials just below.

Project Management Academy Customer Reviews
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We found that the brand has so many positive reviews from TrustPilot (a trusted website). As we check it, Project Management Academy got an excellent rating of 4.5/5 stars from 745 verified customer reviews. It’s pretty great, isn’t it? Now let’s hear tweets from their customers.

One happy customer thinks that the brand is thorough and engaging, as she commented:

I chose the online option and the instructor was super knowledgeable. The virtual interaction was useful and organic and not forced. I felt thoroughly prepared for the exam and finally I had success on the first attempt. Highly recommend it!

Another one raves about the exam preparation that the instructors give:

The PMA’s PMP exam preparation course gave me a good test preparation and also the opportunity to learn and practive from professionals. Not only that, but the materials and practice exam questions were extremely valuable in making my confidence to take the PMP exam. I was given a reasonable assessment of what to expect and helpful strategies to improve my exam performance. Overall, it was a highly rewarding experience. I learned so many things like how to take the test and additionally how to be an effective project manager.

Now it’s from a verified student that adores the instructor itself:

Stephen was a great instructor and I’d happy to attend to any of his course. The PMA that’s provided is an ideal curriculum for me to prepare for my PMP Exam. Finally, I passed on my first attempt and I would not have been prepared to do that without the PMA’s structure, and Stephen Hoogerwerf’s instruction and guidance.

With the brand’s customers raving about the quality of many things, we can’t deny that this brand is extremely worth joining in. So now, this time is yours.

Project Management Academy Customer Service

The brand is pretty easy to contact! You can get answers to any of your questions in the following ways:

They will happily respond to you within Mon – Fri | 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM EST.

Where To Buy Project Management Academy

Since this is an online service that provides courses and training, you can only join on their official website. Don’t forget to check their promos and offerings that may be held currently. You can get special discounts, deals, and many more insides.


You know about the quality of the Project Management Academy to prepare for the PMP exam. Students can choose their class based on their needs. If the student does not pass the PMP exam, it guarantees full money back.

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