My Music Workshop Reviews

If your child is passionate about playing a musical instrument, online music lessons are a great place to start. Welcome to My Music Workshop, where your child can explore their musical skills!

My Music Workshop Reviews
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My Music Workshop is a music lesson class that allows children to experience the joy of music. It is a great starting line for kids who want to learn music.

The brand was founded in 2009 by the musical husband-wife duo Elias and Lianna Berlinger. They both grew up in musical families and shared the same vision: to have a lifelong passion for music and create something unique to share with children.

Since then, the couple has started to create the most amazing children’s music learning program ever. In addition, Mr. Elias is also a screen teacher who is part of the music workshop program.

Operating for 13 years, the workshop has been teaching music to thousands of children, both in person and online. Likewise, the labels have developed and used the brand’s curriculum to teach children fun and enjoyable music.

Presently, children can enjoy the brand’s courses through its online music learning program. Even so, with its program, the brand can make the lessons jump off the screen more lively, thus making learning music for kids fun.

With almost 3K total followers on their social media, this music workshop has also established good cooperation with outstanding elementary schools and preschools for over 13 years.

Okay, so what kind of music classes does this brand offer? Can my child follow the learning program well? Relax because this My Music Workshop review will answer all your questions! Keep on reading!

Why Choose My Music Workshop?

When children’s music courses start to rise, choosing the best one for your child becomes a challenge. Therefore, in this section, we will explain why this music workshop is for you. So, let’s take a look!

Why Choose My Music Workshop?
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Firstly, as mentioned above, this music workshop was founded by a couple with a musical background who also grew up in a musical family. Therefore, with their vision, the owners have the most reasonable way to provide the best music education to children.

700+ lessons, 10K+ students groovin, and 3M+ YouTube views. These are the numbers that the label has managed to achieve throughout its 13-year journey, and of course, still counting.

Moreover, the brand has established excellent partnerships with amazing elementary schools and preschools for more than 13 years, namely: San Diego School District, Prestige Preschool Company, Montessori American School, Discovery Isle, and many more.

Guided by expert and experienced mentors, the brand’s music lessons use the brand’s curriculum program, thus creating a fun and easy-to-follow music learning atmosphere for children.

Here’s the good part. These kids’ music workshops are not only fun but also cost-effective. Hence, if you’re on a tight budget, the brand gives you a 7-day free trial!

The company is pretty interesting, we agree with that. But please bear with us since in the next section we’ll describe the course’s music program for you, so don’t miss it!

What's On My Music Workshop Review

My Music Workshop offers you a range of online kids’ music lessons, including playing instruments, reading music, and playing a real song.

What's On My Music Workshop Review
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This kids’ music workshop is designed to be as family-friendly as possible, as learning can be done at home, at the children’s own pace, and can be repeated.

In addition, the brand also offers real music to practice with. With the brand’s “Jam Alongs,” playing along with music is one of the best ways to learn a musical instrument.

On the other hand, the brand also provides numerous other music lessons that teach music reading, music theory, instrument exploration, rhythm, patterns, songs, and much more. It is an excellent compliment to the kid’s instrument lessons.

Also, the brand has plenty of music content for younger students who love music but need to be older to start private instrument lessons.

My Music Workshop Review: The Brand’s Class

So, ready to choose music classes to explore your little one’s musical talents? So, let’s see how it’s fun for kids in the next section. Let’s get started!

My Music Workshop Piano Lesson 4 Review

Piano is one of the instruments that is enough for children to learn. Training children to learn the piano will allow them to express endless creativity, expression, and fun.

My Music Workshop Piano Lesson 4 Review
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Brand music workshops are a great starter course for children’s piano lessons. Here, kids will be given a versatile instrument that suits many styles of music.

The piano keys are laid out in a way that is easy to understand, so children can start playing from day one by learning a few simple things.

The brand provides piano lessons with its own workshop’s high-quality curriculum, enabling children to play the instruments effortlessly. It’s fun and makes the music absorbable for children in every lesson.

For starters, the brand will begin with the basics, and each new step builds on the last so that it can move at its own pace. Also, children gain confidence while developing their piano skills.

It’s no secret that to succeed; piano players must understand chords, scales, notes, rhythm, and technique. So that’s what they teach the kids.

Furthermore, the brand combines musical concepts and practices to create a music learning experience that nurtures creativity, fosters a love for music, and makes your kids feel part of the band!

My Music Workshop Drums Class Review

Learning how to play the drums should keep the bank intact. For this reason, branded drumming classes are a good start for kids at an affordable price.

My Music Workshop Drums Class Review
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With the child’s preference, they can learn drumming either face-to-face or online. They can also start playing drums from the comfort of their living room or a quiet place without buying loud drums or expensive electronic equipment.

Children can improve rhythm, coordination, control tempo, dynamics, and energy in music by taking drumming classes on the brand. Also, children will learn patterns and skills necessary for communication.

In addition, the brand has expert teachers who will help them get to know the drum cut-out well so that they can explore their imagination for better performance!

My Music Workshop Price

Although it sounds very professional, My Music Workshop starts at a reasonably affordable price for each class. Here is a breakdown of the budgets that you can consider for the brand:

  • Monthly – from $15.99/month
  • Annual – from $9.99/month
  • Lifetime – from $349/month

Your membership includes:

  • 700+ on-demand lessons. It gives you full access to all the brand’s lessons, including piano, drums, ukulele, singing, music reading, basics, and planned tasks.
  • 100’s of downloads. Enjoy the downloadable worksheets that accompany almost every lesson. As a result, your child can study the material again whenever they want.
  • Expert Teacher. You’ll also get Email support from a mentor. You can send the teacher questions anytime, and they will respond quickly to give you and your child help and support as they learn music.

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My Music Workshop Jingle Bells Tutorial

Known as one of the most popular children’s songs, the YouTube video Easy Jingle Bells Piano Tutorial for Beginners is also quite popular.

This video has had 59K+ views since the brand uploaded it on November 8, 2022. To introduce you to this music workshop, you can show your kids this Jingle Bells tutorial video. Access and follow the brand’s YouTube channel via the link below!

My Music Workshop Pros & Cons

To help you consider whether this brand is worth investing in, we summarize the benefits and drawbacks of the brand below. They are:

My Music Workshop Pros

  • 700+ lessons
  • Fun-filled, easy-to-follow lessons
  • Learn anytime, anywhere
  • Practice along with music
  • Amazin educational partners
  • 7 days free trial
  • Expert Instruction

My Music Workshop Cons

  • The Face to Face class only available in California

Is My Music Workshop Worth It?

Let’s be brief, My Music Workshop is totally worth it. Operating for 13 years, the brand has developed and used its brand curriculum to achieve fun music classes for kids.

Is My Music Workshop Worth It?
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Whether your child chooses offline or online learning classes, the brand will provide a comfortable music learning method for children.

In addition, the brand’s online lessons allow children to learn music flexibly, repeatably, and cost-effectively. It also brings fun things like sounds, stories, examples, activities, original music, etc.

Is your child interested in music but needs to gain the skills to get started? This music workshop makes it easy for you!

If your child isn’t ready to play an instrument, is too young, or is trying to decide what instrument to choose, they don’t need to take lessons on a branded instrument. Instead, they will learn much more about music than branded instrument lessons.

So, with all considerations of brand facilities in hand, we highly recommend this music workshop for your child!

My Music Workshop Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

One thing you can’t forget from this My Music Workshop review is customer reviews. This will be a crucial consideration that allows you to see how satisfied customers are.

My Music Workshop Customer Reviews
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This review then takes some of the user feedback on the brand’s official website. Let’s start with the customer who said that the mentor taught very clearly. This customer said:

I love how you break everything down into the smallest steps in your program, provide lots of encouragement, and that you explain so clearly with such awesome supporting visuals. Thanks again.

Furthermore, one parent said the brand learning program helped their child be impressed with his music lessons. This parent said:

I just wanted to write and say how impressed I am with your program, and my daughter is loving it, and it is real.

Later, one of the pianists found it difficult to teach her child. However, the brand learning method impressed the child with the learning program. This pianist said:

…we signed up, and now she knows all your songs and has even let me teach her a few! I couldn’t recommend your lessons highly enough and have done so to other parents…

From some of the customer reviews, we can conclude that customers are satisfied with the learning method and how the teacher reaches the student’s comfort level.

Most of the customers feel that their children are satisfied enough to take music classes at the brand, and they have the confidence level to show their expression, ability, and talent.

My Music Workshop Customer Service

How to Contact My Music Workshop

If you have any further questions or need in-depth information that may not be covered in this review, feel free to reach out to the brand via:

Get their latest information and be mutual on social media at:

  • Instagram: mymusicworkshop
  • Facebook: My Music Workshop


Got your answers about My Music Workshop review!

You may be curious about a number of things. So, get answers to your curiosity through the following sections.

Where is My Music Workshop based?

This label is based in San Diego, United States, California.

Can I cancel my subscription? How?

Yes, you can. You can cancel your membership whenever you want. If you cancel before the trial period ends, billing will stop immediately, and you will not be charged. Depending on your membership, you can cancel directly from your member profile. Alternatively, you can also contact the brand’s customer service to cancel.

What does my membership include?

What you get as a brand membership includes; full access to all lessons, downloadable worksheets, downloadable practice tracks, and email support from teachers/mentors.

What are the difference between learning music online vs. in person?

Online lessons are one method to complement the learning program that has been taken. It allows children to learn in a flexible, active, and cost-effective manner. Meanwhile, offline lessons will enhance the quality of the child’s talent by presenting an expert teacher.


My Music Workshop is the best choice for kids’ music courses that can encourage your child to take music lessons and express their interest. The brand will train your child to explore music and develop their musical skills here.

The brand’s prices are also pretty affordable, given the facilities provided. The 7-day free trial program also helps you to explore the brand’s facilities. So, the brand is worth a try to give your child a fun music-learning platform!

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