Know Which Technology Products are Best For Your Classrooms

Solving The 6 EdTech Purchasing Problems In Schools & Districts

Buying Technology ≠ Buying Textbooks

In their comprehensive study, "Improving EdTech Purchasing", Digital Promise and Education Industry Association identified 6 key challenges for ed tech purchasing.

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Lea(R)n Fixes EdTech Purchasing is an online platform that gives educators, schools and districts the tools and research-backed methods to make better decisions for both their budgets and instruction.

How does LearnTrials solve EdTech purchasing problems?

How do we know which ed-tech products will work in our classrooms?

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How do we know which products fit our districts budget and instructional needs?

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How do we remove teacher burdens while harnessing their expertise on ed-tech?

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How do we know which ed-tech products we should include, expand, or cut this budget cycle?

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How do we get trusted evidence on the effectiveness of our ed-tech products?

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Make Decisions Supported by Data

"{Teachers} need a place where we can see what's worked for others, and have the confidence to use it in our own classrooms."
— Sonja Mckay, 6-8 Mathematics
"I believe Lea(R)n will change the way schools research, buy and use education technology"
— Summer Clayton, Prinicpal, Exploris Middle School, Raleigh, NC
"Schools are wasting millions of dollars every year on technology that is not improving student outcomes. LearnTrials is the right team and the right solution to solve this massive problem."
— Former Head of Procurement & Contracts, Chicago Public Schools
"I am a Believer! Not only is LearnTrials an investment in our teachers, it empowers them and gives them a voice, while giving the district the data we need to make better ed-tech decisions across the district."
— Dr. Adam Fried, Superintendent, Harrington Park School District
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